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About Me

As a portrait photographer, people are the most captivating of subjects for me.

Hi! I’m Brandon, a photographer in Washington, D.C.

I’ve been a visual person for as long as I can remember, attributing this largely due to my dad’s job having us in Europe for the majority of my childhood. I knew I was an American abroad, and did my best to absorb and observe my surroundings. Twenty years later I revisit a lot of family photographs, and appreciate how each image transports me to a different time and place. That informs my creative vision today as a photojournalist/candid photographer.

In college, I found a deep passion for film photography while learning the darkroom. I enjoyed the hours and dedication it took to photograph, develop the film, and then print the perfect image. Today, my film days still affect and shape my visual style, and much of my way of approaching my images stems from my time as a black and white film photographer.

I live and work outside of Washington, DC with my fiancé (who photographs with me sometimes). Outside of photography, I am a professional designer & developer, working with a wide range of clientele to design, develop, and ship their vision to the web. I’m into video games, building PCs, and Pokemon.

The clients I work with tend to give me 100% creative trust and are looking for an overall more candid approach to their day, instead of the traditional, stuffy posed work.

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Aisle One Feature

It’s not just about making images, but also about working with real people.

I pride myself on creating sessions that are easy, fun, and light-hearted. I’m so thrilled past clients have good things to say about me.

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