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About Me

As a portrait photographer, people are the most captivating of subjects for me.

Hi! I’m Brandon, a photographer in Washington, D.C.

My inspiration comes from a passion of photographing people, which in my opinion are the most interesting subjects to photograph.

As a photographer, I have always found the role of observer an easy one. After spending my formative years growing up around Europe, I developed an appreciation for seeing new things and experience new perspectives. My point of view is cemented in the photojournalism style, where I look to honestly capture moments, instead of manufacturing them for a snapshot.

I’ve been photographing weddings for 6 years after falling into it when a few friends & family members got married and bribed/threatened me to photograph their weddings.

I found a deep passion for photography in the darkroom in college. While I shoot mostly digital now, film has shaped my aesthetic and approach. Generally, my style is a well balance between light and dark, and aims to show the full range of light during the day.

I live and work outside of Washington, DC with my fiancé (who photographs with me sometimes). Outside of photography, I am a professional designer & developer, working with a wide range of clientele to design, develop, and ship their vision to the web. I’m into video games, building PCs, and Pokemon.

The clients I work with tend to give me 100% creative trust and are looking for an overall more candid approach to their day, instead of the traditional, stuffy posed work.

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It’s not just about making images, but also about working with real people.

I pride myself on creating sessions that are easy, fun, and light-hearted. I’m so thrilled past clients have good things to say about me.

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