Recent Client & Personal Stories

Matt & Andy’s Old Town Alexandria Engagement

Erin & Brian’s Baltimore Engagement

Andy & Sophia’s Top of the Town Wedding

Michael & Andrew’s Waterside Engagement

Alicia & John’s Meridian House Wedding

Cello & Alice’s Sunrise Engagement Session

Sam & Michelle’s Farmhouse Wedding

Shelli & Mark’s Leesburg Brewery Wedding

Becca & Matt’s Sunrise DC Engagement

Meaghan & Justin’s River Farm Wedding

Patrick & Jordan’s Baltimore Engagement

Justin & Lisa’s Vineyard Couple Portraits

Baltimore Aquarium

Selena & JP’s Baltimore Peabody Library Wedding

Charlie & Dan’s Botanical Virginia Wedding

Meridian Hill Park Washington DC Sunrise Engagement

Alicia & John’s Meridian Hill Sunrise Engagement

Boeui & Joon’s Top of the Town Wedding

Brian & Neal’s National Harbor Yacht Wedding

Meaghan + Justin Jefferson Memorial Sunset Engagement

Jett & Nildo – A Washington, DC Elopement

Liz & Erik’s Old Town Alexandria Wedding

Charlie & Dan’s Botanical Sunrise Engagement

Selena & JP’s Woodsy Silver Spring Engagement

Shelli & Mark’s Old Town Alexandria Sunrise Engagement

An & David Richmond Engagement

Michelle & Sam – A Woodsy Engagement

Boeui + Joon’s Sunrise Cherry Blossom Engagement

Trey & Mary, A Cherry Blossom Surprise Proposal

Baby R & Co. / Newborn & Family

Nealon & Cezanne’s Washington, DC Elopement

Hey there! I’m Brandon Hunter, a wedding photographer in Washington, D.C.

Follow along as I document my recent work.

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