Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get to see my images?

I aim to send the newlyweds a few images a few days after the wedding. All images are ready for proofing 4-6 weeks after the wedding date, with final delivery aimed to be delivered 5-7 weeks after the wedding date.

What does travel costs look like?

I try to keep travel costs low. I do not want any travel costs to prevent me from working with you. While I would love to travel for free, that is unfortunately a limitation. Rest assured I will find a transportation solution that is cost-effective.

I keep detailed records of travel. For flights, I will request the travel cost upfront at time of booking. For driving or taking the train, I will invoice you shortly after the wedding.

If we decide both decide to work together, how do we secure booking?

No dates can be held until the deposit is paid & a contract is signed. The deposit is a 25% non-refundable deposit. 50% of balance is due 3 calendar months before the wedding, with final balance due 30 days before wedding.

For portrait sessions, all fees must be paid up-front.

How many images do you typically deliver?

A typical wedding is 600-800 images. There are many factors that influence that, particularly if you are planning an atypical wedding.

Why do you offer free engagement sessions?

I never wanted to be that photographer that doesn’t meet with and get to know their clients. Because you will be spending a lot of time with me on your wedding day, it is imperative that we have a good connection. The goal of the engagement session is for me to personally connect with each of you, and to get you comfortable with me. The rad images are a by-product. I very much consider an engagement session as warm-ups to weddings.

Why should I consider more than one photographer?

It is hard for one person to be everywhere. While it is possible to document your special day with just one photographer, sometimes larger weddings should have extra coverage to ensure all those special moments are captured. My style is a mix of photojournalism and fine art photography, meaning the less posed the better. Because of this, I recommend one (1) photographer per fifty (50) guests to ensure we capture plenty of candid moments that could happen simulatenously and scattered throughout a venue.

Having two photographers makes “getting ready” photos a breeze; I will go with one of you, and my second photographer with your significant other. We’ll both work concurrently to capture your individual moments before the ceremony as you prepare. We’ll converge at the ceremony and work together throughout the rest of the evening.

Will I be able to print my own images?

I provide written consent to print the images wherever you’d like. You will receive original high resolution JPEGs that can be blown up to the largest of prints. More details about this lie in my contract and I will be happy to walk you through that during our contract consultation.

When do I get to see my images?

I’m more than proficient in making any lighting condition work. It’s imperative, however, that you check with your venues, particularly the ceremony location, to see if they have any restrictions on photography. As a rule, I never use flash during a ceremony as it can be disruptive and can cast strange shadows in the photographs. Knowing beforehand helps me, along with the other photographer(s), to ensure we have a plan to keep you as stress-free as possible.

During the reception, I have many different techniques to create beautiful images in even the dimmest of reception halls. This is a mix of flash and strobes on stands at strategic locations.

If you are concerned about the lighting at your venues, let’s talk. I’d be happy to help you make time-of-day decisions, as well as working with the venue to ensure we have enough light. Small alterations and considerations like this will limit the risk of bad lighting.

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