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Planning Your Wedding Photography Tips

This is an exert from my free guide that is a primer of things for couples to consider when planning their wedding.

The big message of this guide is: don’t stress out too much about thinking about your photography. That is why I’m here! This guide is more about giving you a framework to help you think about your photography in new ways.

Selecting a Venue:

The venue is the backdrop for your big day, making this an important decision every couple makes.

The location you select for your wedding says a lot about you. To take it one step further, it’s good to keep track of things you love about the space. Sharing those with your photographer will help them create more meaningful images for you.

If your ceremony is outdoors, or in front of large windows, you’ll want to check what time sunset is and plan your ceremony accordingly. Knowing when the sun will be where helps you design your ceremony so you and your guests aren’t staring into the direct setting sun.

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